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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



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Item #d92mar81

From Ohio State University: The Earth Systems Education (ESE) concept is the basis for several projects at Ohio State University promoting integrated earth science education in grades K-12. Guided by The Framework for Earth Systems Education, developed by educators and scientists, ESE integrates all scientific disciplines (see Science Activities, 28(1), Spring 1991). To obtain a bibliography or other information on the following projects contact Rosanne Fortner or Victor Mayer at the Department of Educational Studies, 227 Arps Hall, Ohio State Univ., 1945 N. High St., Columbus OH 43210 (614-292-2332).

Program for Leadership in Earth Systems Education (PLESE) is a national teacher enhancement program sponsored in part by the National Science Foundation. Summer leadership workshops train teachers in Earth Systems Education, who in turn hold local workshops in their area. Workshops for teachers in the southeastern and mid-continental states will be held this summer. Produces the newsletter Plese Note.

Using Remote Sensing and On-Line Databases for Teaching about Global Change. Based on workshops in which scientists guided teachers in the classroom use of computers, with original data sources and versatile software, to teach environmental sciences. Curricula and fact sheets on the technologies were developed.

Global Change and the Earth System is a resource book being developed for middle school and high school teachers, which emphasizes human activity and its effect on global change and contains activities and background information.

Great Lakes Impacts. In conjunction with the Ohio Sea Grant Education Program, a series of short publications called "scenarios" has been developed to help the public understand the prevailing scientific interpretation of what may happen to the Great Lakes with global warming.

Item #d92mar82

Education in Global Change is the first major curriculum project of the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU), targeted initially at 16-to 19-year-old science students. Through collaboration of scientists and educators, practical, easily used materials are being developed in the form of a series of inexpensive booklets that may readily be copied (copyright waived). For information on contributing to the project or the availability of materials contact either D.J. Waddington, Dept. Chem., Univ. York, Heslington, York YO1 5DD, UK (tel: 44-904-432500; fax: 44-904-432516), or J. Stoltman, Dept. Geog., Western Michigan Univ., Kalamazoo MI 49008 (tel: 616-387-3429; fax: 616-387-0958).

Item #d92mar83

Global Systems Science is one of several curricula being developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science and the Climate Protection Institute (a project of the Earth Island Institute) at the University of California. A variety of resource materials, activities and lesson plans have been developed for junior high and high school students, involving the physical and biological sciences and social studies relating to global warming and ozone depletion. Contact Richard Golden, Lawrence Hall of Science, Univ. California, Berkeley CA 94720.

Item #d92mar84

Beat the Heat: The CO2 Challenge. Provides information that enables elementary and high school students to make a one-ton reduction in CO2 emissions in their homes in the course of a year, through energy conservation. Contact the Children's Earth Fund, Box 2335, 175 Fifth Ave., New York NY 10010 (212-727-4493).

Item #d92mar85

Energy Education Resources--Kindergarten through 12th Grade, Energy Info. Admin., 1991. A booklet updated yearly listing generally free or low-cost materials available from the federal government, industries and not-for-profit organizations. Contact the National Energy Info. Ctr. (EI-231), 1F-048 Forrestal Bldg., U.S. Dept. Energy, Washington DC 20585 (202-586-8800).

Item #d92mar86

Earth Notes is published quarterly by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a forum for ideas in elementary-level environmental education. Contact the editor at U.S. EPA, 401 M St. NW (A-107), Washington DC 20460.

Item #d92mar87

Exhibit: Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast. Developed by Environmental Defense Fund with the American Museum of Natural History, along with a book of the same title. To be shown at the American Museum in New York from May 15 through the end of 1992, when it will begin a national tour. For information contact Environ. Defense Fund, 257 Park Ave. South, New York NY 10010 (212-505-2100).

Books and Articles

Item #d92mar88

The Greenhouse Effect: Exploring the Theory, B. Morris, T. Sadler, W. Bouma, 56 pp., Feb. 1990, $9.95. An activities book suitable for 11- to 16-year-olds, or those who like to learn through direct experience. An information page, photos, graphs and tables appear before each set of the more than 60 activities included. Order from CSIRO Public., 314 Albert St., E. Melbourne, Vic. 3002, Australia (international inquiries, tel: 61-3-418-7217; fax: 61-3-419-0459).

Item #d92mar89

"Physics in the Global Greenhouse," S. Ross, Physics Education (UK), 26(3), 175-181, May 1991. Discusses three aspects of global warming that would be valuable additions to physics courses: the underlying physical mechanisms, approaches to computer modeling, and the uncertainties feeding the current debate.

Item #d92mar90

The Greenhouse Effect, R.L. Johnson, 1990, $15.95 (Lerner Public.). Explains the processes for grades 6-9.

Item #d92mar91

Ozone, K. Gay, 1989, $12.50 (Watts Public.). Explains what is known about the effects of ozone depletion on human health and the biosphere.

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