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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d92mar41

International Negotiations on Climate Change, 24 pp., Feb. 1992. Available from Ctr. Global Change, Univ. Maryland, Executive Bldg., S. 401, 7100 Baltimore Ave., College Pk. MD 20740 (301-403-4165).

The third in a series summarizing climate treaty negotiations, prepared by the Center (an interdisciplinary research group). Distributed during the February 1992 negotiations in New York in conjunction with a briefing sponsored by the Climate Action Network U.S., a coalition of nongovernmental environmental organizations. This useful reference summarizes the structure, legal status and progress of the negotiations conducted by the International Negotiating Committee established by the U.N. in December 1990. Describes outstanding issues and national negotiating positions prior to the February 1992 session.

Item #d92mar42

Global Climate Change: U.S.-Japan Cooperative Leadership for Environmental Protection, J.E. Gray, R.W. Fri, T. Ikuta, Co-chairs, 96 pp., Nov. 1991, $8. Order from The Atlantic Council of the U.S., 1616 H St. NW, Washington DC 20006 (202-347-9353).

Developed by the Council in conjunction with Resources for the Future (U.S.), and with the Committee for Energy Policy Promotion (Japan), the Institute of Energy Economics (Japan) and the Global Institute and Social Progress Research Institute (Japan). Based largely on the U.S.-Japan Policy Conference on Environmental Protection and Development (May 1991, Washington, D.C.). The first section summarizes views which the countries hold in common, such as the need for increased energy efficiency, while the second delineates differences that are evident in the current negotiations on climate, such as the role of national emission targets or a "pledge and review" system. Contains other material relating to government and business views of climate change, and summarizes relevant research by the institutions involved.

Item #d92mar43

Recommendations on Measures to Apprehend Global Warming: Tasks to Undertake Now for the Sake of Future Generations, 19 pp., Oct. 1991. Contact S. Eto, Keizai Doyukai, Japan Industry Club Bldg., 4-6 Marunouchi, 1-Chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 100 (tel: 03-3211-1271).

A position paper by Keizai Doyukai, the Japanese Association of Corporate Executives. Despite uncertainties, the potential damage of greenhouse warming must be confronted, and restricting CO2 emissions is the key. Makes recommendations for private corporations and the government for renewed energy conservation, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, measures to stabilize CO2 levels, technology transfer to other countries and public information.

Item #d92mar44

Rethinking the Ozone Problem in Urban and Regional Air Pollution, U.S. Nat. Res. Council, Committee on Tropospheric Ozone Formation and Measurement, 489 pp., 1991, $47.95 + shipping. Order from Nat. Acad. Press (addr. immed. above; 800-624-6242).

The committee was established to evaluate scientific understanding of the processes leading to ozone formation in the lower atmosphere, and to identify the research needed to make ozone control programs more effective. Generation of ozone locally contributes to large-scale concentrations of this greenhouse gas. A major finding is that the role of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has been underestimated, and that control of nitrogen oxide emissions may be necessary in addition to, or instead of, control of VOCs. Includes discussion of the possible influence of climate change on the urban ozone problem, and the need for a global chemical transport model that would include ozone. Recommends a national research program that would foster international exchange and scientific evaluations of global tropospheric ozone and its importance in atmospheric chemistry and climate change. For further discussion see "NRC Faults Science behind Ozone Regs," R. Stone, Science, p. 26, Jan. 3, 1992.

Item #d92mar45

Global Environmental Change and International Governance (Hanover, N.H.; June 1991), O.R. Young, G.J. Demko, K. Ramakrishna, 33 pp., 1991. Revised conference papers and a summary of discussions will be published in 1992. Contact G.J. Demko, Dartmouth College, Hanover NH 03755.

Organized as part of a joint project to extract lessons regarding the effectiveness of international regimes from a study of experience in global resource and environmental agreements, particularly with respect to perspectives from both the developed and less developed nations, and apply them to current problems such as climate change. A major theme is the need for public education on the importance of environmental problems, differing attitudes toward quality of life, and economic and demographic factors.

Item #d92mar46

Climate Change and Developing Countries: Priorities for Policy Research in the Netherlands (ECN-C-91-011), J.H.A. van den Akker (Neth. Energy Res. Foundation, ECN, Petten, Neth.), F.D.J. Nieuwenhout, Eds., 63 pp., Apr. 1991. Available in the U.S. through NTIS.

Research should: be policy-oriented and relevant for Dutch policy makers; deal with options with a large contribution to the abatement of global warming; and have some international cooperation. Topics may include technology development and transfer, and economic, financial, legal and institutional measures.

Item #d92mar47

The Carbon Dioxide Tax and Energy Taxes--The Swedish Experience (No. 620-9327-4), 8 pp., 1991. Price: SEK16 + shipping. Order from Swed. Environ. Protect. Agency, Info. Dept., S-171 85 Solna, Swed. (fax: 46-8-98 45 13).

Item #d92mar48

The Greenhouse Effect: Damages, Costs and Abatement (RR-91-12), R.U. Ayers, J. Walter, July 1991, $10. Available from Public. Dept., IIASA, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria (tel: 02236 71521-0).

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