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Item #d92may49

"Climate Change and the Middle Atmosphere. Part II: The Impact of Volcanic Aerosols," D. Rind (NASA Goddard Inst. Space Studies, 2880 Broadway, New York NY 10025), N.K. Balachandran, R. Suozzo, J. Clim., 5(3), 189-208, Mar. 1992.

Effects of volcanic aerosols were investigated for different time scales using a Goddard Institute model of the middle and lower atmosphere. Results show that the responses of the troposphere and the middle atmosphere are closely linked, indicating the need to include both atmospheric levels when studying the effects of climate change.

Item #d92may50

"Arctic Radiation Deficit and Climate Variability," H.-F. Graf (M. Planck Inst. Meteor., Univ. Hamburg, Bundesstr. 55, W-2000, Hamburg 13, Ger.), Clim. Dynam., 7(1), 19-28, Feb. 1992.

Stratospheric aerosol injection is generally accepted to reduce global radiation by about 5% during major volcanic eruptions. An experiment performed with the ECMWF general circulation model provides evidence that this radiation deficit is a possible external forcing factor for severe climatic anomalies not only in the area directly affected by reduced radiation, but also in the tropics.

Item #d92may51

"Variation of Fields of Water Surface Temperature and Air Temperature over the World Ocean," V.F. Loginov (Main Geophys. Observ.), A.V. Tsvetkov, Soviet Meteor. Hydrol., No. 7, 73-79, 1990 (publ. 1991). Eng. trans. of Meteor. i Gidrol., No. 3, 85-93, 1990.

Mean seasonal and mean annual series of water surface temperature and air temperature for the period 1870-1979 were statistically analyzed in a number of ways. The responses of these temperatures to volcanic eruptions were obtained.

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