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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d93may61

From the U.S. Dept. Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program:

The Possible Direct Use of Satellite Radiance Measurements by the [ARM] Program (DOE/ER-0585T), 64 pp., Mar. 1992. Examines such questions as what satellites really measure and how well they measure it, what can be done about the general lack of adequate visible calibration, and the optimal way for the ARM program to make use of satellite data.

Proceedings of the Second [ARM] Science Team Meeting (CONF-9110336), 160 pp., Dec. 1992. Contains 19 papers given by ARM participants (Oct. 1991, Denver, Colo.) on technical issues, experimental design, early site results and future site locations.

Item #d93may62

U.S. DOE research summaries: four-page synopses of recent projects available at no charge from CDIAC:

Measurement of Bubble Size Spectra in a Whitecap Simulation Tank Using Phased-Doppler Anemometry (No. 23), Jan. 1993.

Isotopic Estimation of Inputs of Carbon to Cotton Soils Under FACE CO2 Enrichment (No. 22), Dec. 1992.

Concurrent Aircraft-Based Measurements of Oceanic Whitecap Coverage and Microwave Brightness Temperature (No. 21), Nov. 1992.

Seahunt: A Study of Marine Stratocumulus Cloud Sensitivity to Climate Parameters Using Ship-Trail Clouds (No. 20), Oct. 1992.

The Single-Operator Multiparameter Metabolic Analyzer for Total Carbon Dioxide with Coulometric Detection (No. 19), Sep. 1992.

Estimating Biomass and Biomass Change of Tropical Forests (No. 18), Aug. 1992.

Intercomparison and Interpretation of Surface Energy Fluxes in Atmospheric General Circulation Models (No. 17), June 1992.

Item #d93may63

IOC-CEC-ICES-WMO-ICSU Ocean Climate Data Workshop, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Comm. (Paris), 32 pp., 1992. NTIS: DE93-603707; $17.

Gives results from a Feb. 1992 meeting (Greenbelt, Maryland) in which scientists and data managers discussed recent research and recommended data management improvements needed in the future.

Item #d93may64

Canadian Sea Ice Atlas from Microwave Remotely Sensed Imagery: July 1987 to June 1990 (Clim. Studies No. 44), E. LeDrew et al., 80 pp., 1992. Pub. by Can. Climate Prog.; for sale by Can. Communications Group--Publishing, Ottawa ON K1A 0S9, Can. In English and French.

This cooperative effort of Canadian federal agencies and industry emphasizes the monitoring of changes in the extent of arctic sea ice and arctic climate, and consists of color plates of ice distribution and discussion of related scientific issues.

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