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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d93nov90

The Global Greenhouse Regime: Who Pays? P. Hayes, K. Smith, Eds., 352 pp., Aug. 1993, Ј24.95 (Earthscan).

Presents methods for determining responsibility for greenhouse gases, calculating obligation to pay, and measuring implications for different countries and regions, and discusses the political realities of negotiations. Develops an index based on factors which include historic contribution and ability to pay, from which individual country contributions can be determined. This book was listed in Global Climate Change Digest, p. 115, July 1992, with a publication date of June 1992; it was actually published in August 1993.

Item #d93nov91

World Scientists' Warning Briefing Book, Union of Concerned Scientists, 282 pp., 1993, $9.50 (UCS).

Provides background information on the key issues discussed in the 1992 World Scientists' Warning to Humanity, which was coordinated through UCS. The 33 articles and papers (most reprinted from magazines, journals and books) illuminate the relationships between environmental degradation, economic development, population growth, and consumption patterns.

Item #d93nov92

The Earth Summit Agreements: A Guide and Assessment, M. Grubb, M. Koch et al., 208 pp., Aug. 1993, Ј25 cloth/Ј12.50 paper (Earthscan).

An analysis from the Royal Institute of International Affairs of the successes and failures of the Rio conference. Examines each of the five main agreements, setting them in context and analyzing the implications of the final text. Summarizes the lessons learned and the likely follow-up processes.

Item #d93nov93

Global Warming Unchecked: Signs to Watch For, H. Bernard Jr., 181 pp., 1993, $12.95 (Indiana Univ. Press).

States that global temperature trends, climatic analogs, sunspot cycles and computer models indicate that global warming is eminent. Points out indicators of the warming that occurred in the late 1980s and discusses the environmental challenges which will result from global warming.

Item #d93nov94

The Information Please Environmental Almanac, World Resour. Inst., 704 pp., Nov. 1993, $11.95 (Houghton Mifflin).

Includes energy-cost rankings of 75 U.S. metropolitan areas; environmental profiles of the states, Canadian provinces and 160 countries. Reports on the link between economics and the environment, and the prospects for global sustainability.

Item #d93nov95

Global Climate Change: Science, Impacts and Responses, B. Frame, Y. Medury, Y. Joshi, Eds., 267 pp., 1992, $60 (Tata).

Includes some of the papers presented at the Indo-British Symposium on Climate Change (Delhi, Jan. 1992), which discuss the potential threat of global climate change to sustainable economic development.

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