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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d93nov116

Fueling Development: Energy Technologies for Developing Countries, Office of Technology Assessment (U.S. Congress, Washington DC), 1992, $15.

Summarizes the reports of 17 contractors who provided background studies on the topic and incorporates over 800 references. Reviews use and supply; services in the residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and transportation sectors; energy conversion technologies; and issues and options from a U.S. point of view. To be used in conjunction with the 1991 interim report. Reviewed by T. Jackson in Energy Policy, pp. 819-820, July 1993.

Item #d93nov117

Emerging Energy Technologies: Impacts and Policy Implications, M. Grubb, J. Walker, Eds., 270 pp., 1992, $52.95 cloth/paper avail. (Royal Inst. Intl. Affairs).

An analysis of technical change in the energy business together with case studies of four demand-side technologies and four supply-side technologies. Emerging technologies could have a profound impact on the energy business over the next one to two decades depending on the evolution of governmental policy.

Item #d93nov118

Biomass for Energy, Industry and Environment--6th E.C. Conference, G. Grassi, H. Zibetta, A. Collina, Eds., 1430 pp., 1992, $338/Ј211 (Elsevier.)

Proceedings of a conference (Athens, April 1991). Summarizes the most recent biomass research and development in Europe and elsewhere. Covers environmental concerns, production and utilization, harvesting and treatment, and biochemical, thermochemical and conversion processes.

Item #d93nov119

Four new directories published this fall which cover renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental issues, electric vehicles etc. Order from Sun Day (315 Circle Ave., #2, Takoma Park MD 20912):

National Directory of Sustainable Energy Periodicals, (2nd Ed.), 50 pp., 1993, $12. Lists 750 periodicals.

National Directory of Sustainable Energy Organizations (2nd Ed.), 57 pp., 1993, $13. Lists 850 citizen groups and trade associations.

National Directory of Sustainable Energy Companies (2nd Ed.), 85 pp., 1993, $17. A zip-coded list of over 1,250 manufacturers, retail stores and other companies.

Directory of Energy Aides in the U.S. Congress (1st Ed.), 25 pp., 1993, $7.50. Lists staff members who handle energy policy issues for each member of Congress.

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