Additional Biodiversity Resources

Biodiversity Forum: Web Resources
Includes related governmental, non-governmental, and international links.

Biological Diversity: Issues Related to the Convention on Biodiversity
A Congressional Research Service Report for Congress, reiterates that the loss of biodiversity continues and explains the consequences for humankind.

General Biodiversity Resources
A wealth of additional links from the Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server at the University of Kansas.

Other Biodiversity World-Wide Web Servers
The Nature Conservancy offers this compendium of biodiversity resources that includes links to professional societies, non-profit groups, museums, and botany and zoology sites.

Our Changing Planet FY 1996
An annual report of the U.S. Global Change Research Program, provides an introduction to Global Environmental Change and illustrates how human-induced changes transform ecosystems in Changes in Land Cover and in Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems.

Note - Print copies of Our Changing Planet  are available for classroom/library resources and may be requested from:
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Windows on the Wild (WOW). The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is dedicated to educating people of all ages about biodiversity issues and its site includes an order form for purchasing curriculum materials and offers some training opportunities for teachers. Students and teachers should not miss WWF's interactive quiz, What's Your Biodiversity IQ?  It is graphical, fun and asks questions about things like flowers that masquerade as insects and heart medicines made from bat spit!