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Updated 8 February, 2004

USGCRP Programs: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)









Aerosol-Climate Interactions Program   
The goal of the Aerosol-Climate Interactions Program (ACIP) is elucidation of the role of tropospheric aerosols in climate.
Applications of Climate Forecasts   
Homepage for the Applications Research Program. This program serves as a bridge between scientific insights and societal needs through targeted research, institutional capacity development and local applications of knowledge. The goal is to reduce vulnerability to natural disasters and improve quality of life. In addition, this program is a mechanism to provide feedback to the research community regarding decision-making information needs.
Atmospheric Chemistry   
The Atmospheric Chemistry program seeks to understand the chemical and radiative processes associated with trace chemicals in the atmosphere.
NOAA Climate Products and Services   
NOAA's portal to their climate data, information, data centers and laboratories.
NOAA Office of Global Programs   
The Office of Global Programs (OGP) leads the NOAA Climate and Global Change Program. NOAA has the primary responsibility within the Federal Government to routinely provide climate forecasts and products to the Nation. OGP assists in this capacity by sponsoring focused scientific research, within approximately eleven research elements, aimed at understanding climate variability and its predictability. Through studies in these areas, researchers coordinate activities that jointly contribute to improved predictions and assessments of climate variability over a continuum of timescales from season to season, year to year, and over the course of a decade and beyond.

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