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Updated 8 February, 2004

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USDA Global Change Program Office   
The USDA Global Change Program Office (GCPO) operates within the Office of the Chief Economist and functions as the Department-wide coordinator of agriculture, rural and forestry-related global change program and policy issues facing USDA. The Office ensures that USDA is a source of objective, analytical assessments of the effects of climate change and proposed mitigation strategies. The Office also serves as USDA's focal point for climate change issues and is responsible for coordinating activities with other Federal agencies, interacting with the legislative branch on climate change issues affecting agriculture and forestry, and representing USDA on U.S. delegations to international climate change discussions.
USGS Carbon Cycle Research   
The U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program (CCSP) is an interagency partnership that draws on the expertise and ongoing research in seven agencies, with the objective of developing a whole-system predictive capability for the global carbon system. The ultimate goal is to provide integrated estimates of carbon sources and sinks, with a focus in FY 2000 on implementing activities to determine the magnitude, location, and cause of the North American terrestrial sink. The program will develop the understanding of how sinks might be enhanced and how they might change in the future, information that is of critical importance to potential decisions to manage the carbon system.

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