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Updated 8 February, 2004

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Atmospheric Levels of Methane Stabilizing  2003
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that atmospheric concentrations of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, have begun to level out after two centuries of increases. Methane levels have been constant for four years now, but scientists are not certain why the steady increases of the gas in the atmosphere since the dawn of the industrial age have stopped. One theory is that a decrease in fossil fuel production in the former Soviet Union may account for the decline. About 70 percent of methane emissions are connected with human activities -- the burning of fossil fuels, intestinal gas from livestock and farm animals, and the cultivation of rice paddies. (14KB PDF file)
Climate & Carbon Research   
The Climate and Carbon Research (CCR) activity in the Center for Computational Science at ORNL is a scientific research center that focuses on the computational aspects of how the global climate and carbon systems interact with natural and anthropogenic processes. The goal of CCS-CCR is to serve as a world-class climate and carbon research center and be a focal point for the computational climate and carbon simulation community.
EPA Global Warming   
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides an excellent overview of the problem of global warming. The science of climate change is presented along with the potential impacts of global warming as well as strategies to adapt to, or mitigate, those potential impacts.

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