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Updated 7 February, 2004

Climate Change Mitigation: Transportation Alternatives









Clean Cities Program 
The Clean Cities Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, supports public-private partnerships that deploy alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and build supporting infrastructure. By encouraging AFV use, the Clean Cities Program helps enhance energy security and environmental quality at both the national and local levels. The site offers information on becoming a part of the Clean Cities program, alternative fuel vehicle information and funding programs.
Department of Transportation, Center for Climate Change & Environmental Forecasting: Strategic Plan for 2001-2005 
blank   2000
The Center is the focal point in the DOT of expertise on transportation and climate change. Through strategic research, policy analysis, partnerships and outreach, the Center creates comprehensive and multi-modal approaches to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gases and to mitigate the effects of global climate change on the transportation network.
IPCC Working Group III Third Assessment Report, Mitigation of Climate Change (Summary for Policymakers) 
blank   2001
This report assess the scientific, technical, environmental, economic, and social aspects of the mitigation of climate change. The full report is published by Cambridge University Press. (112Kb PDF file)




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