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Updated 9 October, 2007

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Advanced Supercomputing Stratospheric Ozone Depletion Tutorial   
This resource file was developed by NASA's Advanced Supercomputing Division for both teachers and students interested in the ozone layer. Stratospheric ozone depletion is a concern because the ozone layer in the stratosphere keeps 95-99% of the suns ultraviolet radiation from striking the earth.
Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE)   
DLESE is a library of digitally accessible resources for learning about the Earth system. The catalog contains over 1500 resources for all grade levels as well as the general public, and covering a wide range of Earth system topics. All types of resources to assist learning are included.
EE-Link maintains a comprehensive set of links to environmental education resources on the web that include classroom resources, professional resources, information on grants and jobs, publications of interest to environmental education professionals, and more.
EPA - Office of Environmental Education   
From the website of the EPA's Office of Environmental Education you can access information and resources for teachers and students, information about grant programs, student opportunities and more. The mission of the office is to advance and support education efforts that develop an environmentally conscious and responsible public.
EPA Environmental Education   
The homepage is a portal to all EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) educational websites for students, teachers and kids.
ERIC Clearinghouse for Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education   
The Clearinghouse provides access to information available for teaching and learning about science, mathematics and the environment.
Fathom Knowledge Network Inc.   
Fathom Knowledge Network Inc. is a portal to a vast array of online education that includes lectures, interviews and articles, online courses and forums. Some of the material is free, but courses are offered for a fee. The materials are created by a number of prestigious member institutions that include Columbia University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Cambridge University Press, The British Library, The New York Public Library, The University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, American Film Institute (AFI), RAND, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum (UK), and The Natural History Museum (UK).
LearnNPS - The Learning Place - National Park Service   
LearnNPS is the place to be when you want to learn more about your National Parks. Here you'll find curriculum-based lesson plans, keyed by National and State Standards, student activities, information about Junior Ranger programs in the parks, and a host of other educational media created and maintained by the National Park Service and it's partners.
NASA Education Program   
The NASA education program has resources for educators, resources for students, an education calendar, education news, and other information and comments.
NASA's Earth Observing System page for Educators   
Site includes Educational Links, Educational Publications from the EOS program, NASA's Ask an Earth Scientist section, and explanations of our program and the terminology used. The popular EOS Science Poster Series can be found under Educational Publications.
National Library of Education   
The National Library of Education (NLE) is the largest federally funded library devoted entirely to education. The Library offers the following online resources: ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center), GEM (Gateway to Educational Materials), NEN (National Education Network), and USNEI (U.S. Network for Educational Information).
National Safety Council's Environmental Health Center -Climate Change   
The National Safety Council's Environmental Health Center conducts a variety of outreach and education activities on climate change. Included here are a climate change guidebook, background information on climate change impacts, and news updates.
NOAA Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean Theme Page   
An information resource for the scientific investigation of the biology, oceanography, meteorology and ecology of the Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean. The site links to numerous educational sites on the topic, for both higher education and kids, K-12.
NOAA Educational Resources   
Weather, climate, El Niño and La Niña, space, the Earth, the atmosphere, the ocean, history, and cool sites to visit - it's all here! This site has been designed to help students, teachers, librarians and the general public access the many educational activities, publications, and booklets that have been produced by NOAA and are distributed across the agency.
NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR)- Education Site   
The site provides research and investigation experiences for middle school science students and teachers using on-line resources. There are links to numerous NOAA sites that contain information about climate, oceans and coasts, weather and the atmosphere, and the environment. Some are specifically for kids. is a portal to teaching resources for Earth science teachers, that include: instructional materials, web-based classroom materials, CD-ROMs, posters, fact sheets, workshops, fellowships and curriculum development activities.
US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) Educational Resources    
The USGCRP maintains a list of links to educational sites focusing on global change information, including an extensive collection of lesson plan resources.
US Global Change Research Program Educational Resources   
GCDIS (Global Change Data and Information System) maintains this list of education resources available from agencies participating in the US Global Change Research Program.
USGS Learning Web   
The Learning Web is dedicated to K-12 education and lifelong learning. It is a portal linking to earth and environmental science resources for students, teachers, and explorers, that are distributed across the US Geological Survey (USGS).
Virginia Institute of Marine Science Virtual Marine Education Center   
This site is a portal to information resources and online activities for teachers and students interested in the marine environment.
World Resources Institute Education Center   
The World Resources Institute offers educational resources based on their research. Topics include: biodiversity, measuring global trends, and incorporating environmental ideas into business education.

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