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Call for Proposals!
USIJI Proposal Submission Date:
May 31, 2000

The U.S. Initiative on Joint Implementation (USIJI) Secretariat announces that the next submission deadline for evaluating project proposals will be May 31, 2000. Proposals submitted by May 31, 2000, will be considered in September 2000 by the Evaluation Panel. The USIJI Evaluation Panel is co-chaired by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, with representatives from the Agency for International Development, and the Departments of State, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, and Treasury.

  • Submit three copies of project proposals in the English language to the following address:
  •   USIJI Secretariat - Proposal Review
      1000 Independence Avenue, S.W., PO-2 
      Washington, D.C.  20585
  • Project proposals must be developed in accordance with the existing Guidelines for a USIJI Project Proposal. 

  • To receive a copy of the Guidelines, or information on the USIJI program, please contact USIJI at 202-586-3288, by fax at 202-586-3485, by e-mail at carole.cook@ee.doe.gov or usiji@ee.doe.gov or by mail at the above address.
Each proposal submitted will receive a preliminary review to determine whether it is complete and sufficiently detailed to begin a more comprehensive, formal technical review.  Complete proposals will then receive a comprehensive technical review by a minimum of two independent parties experienced in both the technology(ies) and country/region involved.  Project partners are encouraged to discuss potential proposals with Secretariat staff before the formal evaluation and partners also will be given the opportunity to submit additional information or to clarify issues identified during the technical review.  Secretariat staff will be available to respond to questions throughout the review process.  After technical review, proposals recommend for acceptance will be presented at the USIJI Evaluation Panel meeting.  Project participants will then be formally notified of the Panel's decision.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through International Partnerships

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