THE FY2000

The Nationís Research Investments
To Understand the Complexity of Global Environmental Change

Image of Earth

FY2000 Implementation Plan and Budget Overview

Perspectives for the USGCRP for the Decade Ahead
Preparing the Agenda for the 21st Century

Seal of the National Science and Technology Council

A Report by the Subcommittee on Global Change Research,
Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
of the National Science and Technology Council

A Supplement to the Presidentís Fiscal Year 2000 Budget

Table of Contents

Opening pages

Executive Summary
   Organization of the Program
   USGCRP Program Elements

Summary of Key USGCRP Accomplishments in 1998

   Global Environmental Change Information Service

U.S. Global Change Research Program - FY 2000 Implementation Plan and Budget Overview

 A Vision and Perspective for the Decade Ahead

Changing Vision for the Research Agenda for the 21st Century

  •    Creating a New Partnership Between Science and Public Policy
  •    The First Decade of Research Focused on Understanding the Components of the Earth System and Modeling at the Global Scale
  •    Critical Unanswered Questions and Societally Relevant Issues Remain
  •    Goals and Objectives for the USGCRP in the Decade Ahead

  • Implementation of the USGCRP in FY 2000

         A. Program Elements

  • Understanding the Earthís Climate System
  • Biology and Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems
  • Composition and Chemistry of the Atmosphere
  • Paleoenvironment/Paleoclimate
  • Human Dimensions of Global Change
  • The Global Water Cycle
  •      B. Carbon Cycle Science: An FY 2000 Initiative

    Observation, Monitoring, and Data Management

    Earth System Modeling and Simulation

    International Connections

    Assessment of Global Environmental Issues


         A  The Proposed USGCRP Budget for FY 2000
         B  The FY 1998-2000 USGCRP Budget by Agency and Program
         C  U.S. Global Change Research Program Organization and Management
         D  New 1998 Global Change Related Data Products
         E  Figure Captions
         F Contact Information


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