The Proposed USGCRP Budget for FY 2000

The proposed FY 2000 USGCRP budget totals $1.787 billion, a 6.1% increase above the FY 1999 budget level. As outlined in this edition of Our Changing Planet, the USGCRP budget supports scientific research on key global change issues, including Understanding the Earth’s Climate System, the Biology and Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems, the Composition and Chemistry of the Atmsophere, Paleoenvironment/Paleoclimate, the Human Dimensions of Global Change, the Global Water Cycle, and Carbon Cycle Science.
The figure and tables in Appendix A provide the following:
  • USGCRP budget for FY 1998 - FY 2000 by department and agency
  • USGCRP budget for FY 1998 - FY 2000 by budget function
  • USGCRP budget for FY 2000 by program element

  •     The table below showing the USGCRP budget for FY 1998ÐFY 2000 by department and agency presents the USGCRP budget in two broad components: Scientific Research and Space-Based Observation Programs. This distinction is intended to make clearer the portion of the USGCRP budget that supports scientific research by individual investigators and small groups, as compared with the portion that supports NASA’s Earth Science program components relating directly to space missions — particularly the Earth Observing System series of satellites and data information systems, which provide data in support of research activities. It is important to recognize that the national system of operational environmental satellites and ground-based networks, while vital to the collection of atmospheric and ocean-surface data for global change research, is not included in the USGCRP budget.

        Of the total USGCRP FY 2000 budget request, 54% supports Space-Based Observation Programs while 46% supports Scientific Research. The FY 2000 request for $829 million for Scientific Research is an 11.0 % increase above the FY 1999 budget level. The $958 million request for Space-Based Observation Programs is a 2.2% increase above the FY 1999 budget level.