Appendix A

The Proposed USGCRP Budget for FY97

The proposed FY97 USGCRP budget totals $1.73 billion. After adjusting so that comparable programs are included in the compilation (see discussion of NOAA budget below), the FY97 request is down slightly (0.7%) from the FY96 budget request. The FY97 request is up slightly (0.5%) from the actual Congressionally approved funding level for FY95.

Since the FY96 Congressionally approved budget is estimated to result in a reduction of $110.3 million (6.3%) below the actual funding level for FY95, the FY97 request is, in effect, proposing a restoration to the approved FY95 spending level.

Of the $122.7 million (7.5%) proposed increase from the FY96 to the FY97 budget, $112.8 million is to restore the NASA Mission to Planet Earth program to approximately the FY95 funding level. The budget request also includes an $11.1 million increase from FY96 for DOC/NOAA.

As outlined in this edition of Our Changing Planet., the USGCRP budget supports scientific research on key global change environmental issues, including seasonal to interannual climate variability; climate change over decades to centuries; changes in ozone, UV radiation, and atmospheric chemistry; and changes in land cover and in terrestrial and marine ecosystems. The USGCRP budget supports global change research integrating activities, including observing and monitoring global change and global change data, products, and information services; research on Earth system science and on human contributions and responses to global change; and program responsibilities including international research cooperation and global change education and communication.

The figures in Appendix A indicate broadly, for each of the principal program thrusts and program integration activities in the USGCRP budget, which agencies make a "major" contribution in that area and which additional agencies also participate by making a more "focused" contribution. The tables show the USGCRP budgets for FY95-FY97 and also the budgets by Budget Function.

For comparison with budgets of earlier years, a few changes deserve attention:

Of the 10 remaining agencies, in the FY97 request, NASA accounts for 72% of the total USGCRP budget. The global change research budgets of NASA, NSF, DOE, DOC, and USDA together account for just over 95% of the USGCRP total. The USGCRP budgets of NIH, DOI, EPA, DoD, and the Smithsonian Institution together account for the remaining portion.

It should be noted that the $1.852 billion FY97 request for global change research in the President's Budget5 is not equivalent to the $1.73 billion USGCRP budget presented in Our Changing Planet.. There are several reasons for this difference. Most of the difference is accounted for by the NASA budget; the USGCRP budget does not include launch services as global change research in Our Changing Planet., whereas the President's Budget Supplement does. Our Changing Planet. includes global change research at DoD and DOC/NIST, as designated for the USGCRP by these agencies. The USGCRP budget also includes corrected or updated figures for DOT, EPA, Smithsonian, and TVA, as designated by these agencies. More detailed information is available from the Office of the USGCRP on request.

Figure A. FY95-FY97 USGCRP Budget by Agency

Figure B. Global Change Environmental Science Issues USGCRP Program Thrusts

Figure C. Issues Central to Program Integration USGCRP Program Areas

Figure D. FY95-FY97 USGCRP Budget by Budget Function

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