Department of Energy

Areas of Global Change Research. Research by DOE's Office of Health and Environmental Research (OHER) addresses the impacts of energy production and use on the global Earth system primarily through studies of climate response, and includes research in climate modeling, carbon sources and sinks, impacts on vegetation and ecosystems, critical data needs for global change research and for early detection of climatic change, and funding for education and training of scientists and researchers in global change. The DOE Policy Office supports studies that assist in interpretation of research results.

DOEProgram TitleFY95FY96FY97
OHERAtmospheric Chemistry and Carbon Cycle27.329.028.1
OHERClimate and Hydrology63.461.063.4
OHEREcological Processes12.311.811.4
OHERHuman Interactions9.79.09.5
President's Request126.1122.8112.4

Related Research. DOE supports research on technologies and strategies to mitigate the increases in CO2 and other energy-related greenhouse gases, and plays a major role in implementing the President's Climate Change Action Plan to reduce greenhouse emissions through changes in energy supply and improvements in energy efficiency and conservation. In addition, DOE conducts research related to energy issues, including studies of chemical processes in the atmosphere related to energy production and use; atmospheric studies of the lower atmospheric boundary layer; solid Earth processes related to the formation of energy resources and possible changes in surface interactions; long-term solar interaction with the Earth; basic research in plant and microbial biology; technologies to improve energy conservation and use efficiency and alternative energy technologies to reduce or replace carbon-based fuels for energy production; and international environmental policy studies.

Mapping of Budget Request to Appropriations Legislation. In the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill, DOE USGCRP activities are funded in Title III - Department of Energy, within the Energy Supply, Research, and Development Activities account. In Appropriations Committee reports, funding for almost all of DOE's USGCRP programs is included within the budget for Biological and Environmental Research.