Department of the Interior

Areas of Global Change Research. DOI programs include studies of past climates, from which understanding of current changes can be drawn; interaction and sensitivity of hydrologic and ecological systems with climate at local, landscape, and regional levels; arid, polar, and coastal regions and systems; volcano-atmosphere interactions; methane hydrates; changing land surface characteristics; ocean heat fluxes; assessments of the impacts of global change and the social, environmental, and economic consequences on human activities, water resources, coastal wetlands, biological species, ecological systems, and land management; carbon cycle variation; and archival and distribution of space- and land-based Earth science data.

*As of FY97, the National Biological Service will become part of the U.S. Geological Survey.
DOIProgram TitleFY95FY96FY97
USGSBiogeochemical Exchanges between Terrestrial Systems2.62.64.3
USGSClimates of Arid/Semi-Arid Regions0.70.71.5
USGSCold Regions Research1.21.21.5
NBSGlobal Change Impacts on Coastal Lands & Ecosystems1.11.01.0
NBSGlobal Change Impacts on Terrestrial Ecosystems3.93.33.3
USGSInteraction of Climate & Hydrologic Systems4.24.22.3
USGSLand Characterization & Data Management7.47.47.3
NBSImpacts of Global Change on Fish and Wildlife1.51.01.0
USGSPaleoclimate Research6.86.86.1
BORSensitivity of Water Resources0.50.00.0
President's Request31.030.028.3

Related Research. In addition to focused USGCRP research, DOI sponsors contributing research programs addressing the collection, maintenance, analysis, and interpretation of short-and long-term land, water, biological, and other geological and biological processes and resources through dispersed observing networks; research in land use and land cover, including creation of maps and digital data products; and inventorying and monitoring of biological habitats, resources, and diversity.

Mapping of Budget Request to Appropriations Legislation. In the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill, DOI USGCRP activities are funded in Title I - Department of the Interior. Funding for U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) USGCRP programs is included within the USGS Survey, Investigations, and Research account. As of the FY95 enacted Appropriations Bill, funding for National Biological Service (NBS) USGCRP programs was included within the NBS Research, Inventories, and Surveys account.