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Areas of Global Change Research. NASA research efforts in global change involve space-based studies of the Earth as an integrated system, including research and satellite programs studying atmospheric ozone, ocean surface winds, tropical precipitation, and the Earth's upper atmosphere. The space-based activity complements ongoing ground-based research programs in the observation, understanding, and modeling of radiation, climate dynamics, and hydrology; ecosystem dynamics and biogeochemical cycles; atmospheric chemistry; solid Earth science; and the processing, archival, retrieval, dissemination, and use of global change data. The focus is Earth system science, which involves interdisciplinary research and coupled modeling. Development of algorithms for retrieval of the information content of space-based, remotely sensed observations is carried out as part of the flight mission.

NASAProgram TitleFY95FY96FY97
MTPEAirborne Science Program26.027.317.8
MTPEApplications Research0.01.02.0
MTPEAtmospheric Chemical Modeling6.75.75.9
MTPEAtmospheric Dynamics & Remote Sensing7.95.55.5
MTPEBiological Oceanography7.73.74.3
MTPEConsortium for International Earth Science Information Network6.00.010.01
MTPEData Purchase0.00.050.0
MTPEEarth Systems Science Pathfinder0.01.020.0
MTPEEcological Processes23.114.615.1
MTPEEOS Data and Information System 220.6241.2261.1
MTPEEOS Flight Development415.0384.8445.1
MTPEEOS Science37.356.547.5
MTPEEOS Special Spacecraft81.771.766.7
MTPEGeodynamics and Geopotential Fields15.27.67.9
MTPEGlobal Data Integration and Validation5.12.42.4
MTPEGlobal Modeling and Analysis Program5.14.44.4
MTPEHPCC Earth Remote Sensing20.526.128.3
MTPEInformation Systems9.79.68.6
MTPEInterdisciplinary Research and Analysis13.135.227.0
MTPELand Cover and Use Change0.03.05.0
MTPELand Surface Hydrology2.22.72.9
MTPEMission Operations & Data Analysis34.630.524.8
MTPENASA Scatterometer 15.410.113.0
MTPENatural Hazards Program0.01.02.0
MTPEOcean Color Data Purchase/Sea WIFS4.53.73.7
MTPEPayloads and Instrument Development19.54.63.6
MTPEPhysical Oceanography and Ocean Modeling9.07.07.3
MTPEPolar Programs7.14.94.9
MTPERadiation Science Program9.66.06.0
MTPEStratospheric Chemistry19.516.317.0
MTPETotal Ozone Mapping Spectrometer18.611.85.1
MTPETropical Rainfall Measuring Mission57.830.131.8
MTPETropospheric Chemistry7.56.87.8
MTPEUpper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS)30.516.014.4
President's Request1235.81217.11265.4

Related Research. NASA includes all research in support of global change within the focused research program.

Mapping of Budget Request to Appropriations Legislation. In the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development, and Independent Agencies Appropriations Bill, NASA USGCRP activities are funded in the NASA section of Title III - Independent Agencies, within the Science, Aeronautics, and Technology account. Within this account, Appropriations Committee reports specify funding for the Mission to Planet Earth (MTPE) program, which consists largely of the NASA USGCRP program. Note that some components of the total MTPE budget, including Launch Services and Construction of Facilities, are not included as part of the USGCRP budget.

1 For FY96 and beyond, funding for social sciences data and research activities is awarded competitively, and not designated specifically for CIESIN.