Figure 3:  Observations from 150,000 years ago to the present (from ice cores and instrumental observations, including the 40-year Mauna Loa record) suggest a close linkage between carbon dioxide concentrations and temperature, with rising CO2 contributing to rising temperatures. A central scenario (IS92a) of global CO2 emissions used in the 1995 IPCC climate change assessment, projected to the year 2100, will lead to a sharply higher CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, which evidence from past geological periods and from climate models suggests will drive temperatures upward (see Appendix D for further information). Source: The figure was provided by the Carbon Dioxide Analysis and Information Center at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN, funded by the Department of Energy, using data sets from the Mauna Loa record of C.D. Keeling and the Vostok ice core records of J. Jouzel and J.M. Barnola that are archived at ORNL.

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