Figure 4:  Stratospheric ozone depletion is allowing increased amounts of ultraviolet (UV) radiation to reach people, plants, and animals. Increased exposure of the skin (or erythema) leads to increased incidence of skin cancer (top panel). Increased exposure of DNA leads to genetic damage (middle panel). Increased exposure of plants can alter plant flowering and survival (bottom panel). Currently, the significant increases in exposure (shown here in percentage change per decade) are occurring in mid- and high latitudes (see Appendix D for further information). Source: J.R. Herman, P.K. Bhartia, J. Ziemke, Z. Ahmad, and D. Larko, 1996: "UV-B increases (1979-1992) from decreases in total ozone," Geophysical Research Letters, 23, 2117-2120.

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