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Areas of Global Change Research. National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding supports research on health effects of CFC replacement chemicals and ultraviolet radiation, including studies in metabolism and toxicity of HCFCs and halogenated hydrocarbons; effects of UV exposure on the pathogenesis of disease and on target organs, especially skin and eyes; repair of solar UV radiation-related DNA damage in human cells; and effects of shorter wavelength UV radiation on photosensitivity in people who use many commonly prescribed drugs.

HHSProgram TitleFY95FY96
NIHHuman Health Effects of Exposure to UV Radiation27.528.8
HHS Total27.528.8

Related Research. In addition to focused USGCRP research, NIH conducts research related to human health and other impacts of global environmental change, including toxicity and effects of metals and agricultural chemicals; health effects of air pollutants; metabolism, biotransformation and toxicity of pesticides; and occupational exposure and health effects of materials used in alternative energy production.

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