Tennessee Valley Authority

Areas of Global Change Research. TVA research and operations focus on the regional and local scale application of programs and operations, and center on climatic and hydrologic systems, biogeochemical dynamics, climate change impacts assessment and greenhouse gas sources and sinks.

TVAProgram TitleFY95FY96
NFERCAnalysis of Terrestrial Carbon Sinks0.40.4
NFERCReduction of N2O Emissions from Fertilizers0.30.3
NFERCRegional Climate Change Impact Assessment0.30.3
TVA Total1.21.2

Related Research. In addition to focused USGCRP research, TVA sponsors significant contributing research emphasizing environmental and economic concerns, including programs in model improvement for integrated analysis and application for managing water resource systems and power operations; water quality and watershed inventories for water quality improvement; monitoring and assessing water quality and biological health of reservoirs and rivers; constructed wetlands research and demonstration projects in water pollution source cleanup; and formation, impacts and feedbacks of regional troposheric ozone.

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