EOS and Associated International Satellites and Mission Objectives

(Launch Status)

EOS AM Series (1998)
Earth Observing System
Morning Crossing (Descending)
Clouds, aerosols, and radiation balance; characterization of terrestrial ecosystems; land use, soils, terrestrial energy/moisture, tropospheric chemical composition; contribution of volcanoes to climate, and ocean primary productivity (includes Canadian and Japanese instruments)
Landsat -7 (1998)
Land Remote-Sensing Satellite
High -spatial-resolution visible and infrared radiance/reflectance to monitor land surface
EOS Color (1998)
EOS Ocean Color Mission
Ocean primary productivity (under review)
ENVISAT Series (ESA - 1998)
Environmental Satellite
Environmental studies in atmospheric chemistry and marine biology.
ADEOS II (Japan - 1999)
Advanced Earth Observing
Satellite II
Visible-to -thermal infrared radiance and reflectance, microwave imaging, scatterometry, ozone, aerosols, atmospheric temperature, winds, water vapor, sea surface temperature, energy budget, clouds, snow and ice, ocean current, ocean color/biology (includes French and U.S. instruments).
EOS Radar ALT Series (joint with France) (1999)
EOS Ocean Altimetry Mission
Ocean circulation
EOS PM Series (2000)
Earth Observing System
Afternoon Crossing (Ascending)
Clouds, precipitation, and radiative balance; characterization of terrestrial processes; air- sea fluxes of energy and moisture; and sea-ice extent (includes European instruments)
ATMOS Series
(Japan and NASA - Proposed for 2000)
Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission
Precipitation and related variables and Earth radiation budget in the tropics and higher latitudes; also trace gases
METOP Series
Meteorological Operational Satellite
Operational meteorology and climate monitoring, with the future objective of operational climatology
ALOS (Japan-2001)
Advanced Land Observation Satellite
Land surface, cartography, and disaster monitoring
EOS CHEM Series (2002)
EOS Chemistry Mission
Atmospheric chemical composition; troposphere- stratosphere exchange of energy and chemicals; chemistry-climate interactions; air-sea exchange of chemicals and energy (includes an ozone-measuring Japanese instrument)
EOS Laser ALT Series (2003)
EOS Ice-Sheet Altimetry Mission
Ice sheet mass, balance and cloud top and land- surface topography

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