Organization: Department of Commerce (DOC)

Research Title: NOAA Fleet

Funding Level (millions of dollars):

FY94 54.0
FY95 14.4
FY96 14.4

Committee on Environment and Natural Resources (CENR) Component:
(a) Subcommittee: Global Change Research Committee (100%) classified as Global Change Focused Program during FY1995
(b) Environmental Issue: Climate change: direct radiative effects, including greenhouse gases, tropospheric aerosols, and volcanic aerosols. Natural variability, including seasonal-to-interannual forecasting and past changes in climate. Large- scale changes in ocean ecosystems.
(c) Research Activity: System Structure and Function: Observations (100%)

Organizational Component:
NOAA Fleet
Office of NOAA Corps Operations
Rockville, MD

Point of Contact:
Linda Deem

Research Goals:
To repair, modernize and replace the NOAA ships that provide platforms for NOAA's Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research Activities.

Research Description:
The Fleet Replacement and Modernization Program supports the NOAA Fleet which provides ship platforms for NOAA's "Predict and Assess Decadal-to-Centennial Change", "Implement Seasonal to Interannual Climate Forecasts" and "Coastal Ecosystems Health" budget initiatives.

Program Interfaces:
The Fleet Modernization, Ship Building, and Conversion Appropriation provides funding to repair, modernize, and replace the NOAA ships that provide support to NOAA's Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research Programs. The FY 1994 Appropriation provided $54 million for the acquisition of an Oceanographic Research ship (AGOR). Planned expenditures of $48.3 million will be expended in FY 1994 for the AGOR Acquisition.