Organization: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Research Title: Data Management, Access, and Integration

Funding Level (millions of dollars):

FY94 0.0
FY95 0.5
FY96 0.5

Committee on Environment and Natural Resources (CENR) Component:
(a) Subcommittee: Global Change Research (100%)
(b) Environmental Issues: other
(c) Research Activity: System Structure and Function: Observation (25%); Data Management (75%)

Organizational Component:
Research Triangle Park, NC 27711

Point of Contact:
Thomas Mace
Phone: 919-541-2710

Research Goals:
This program develops the needed data management, metadata, and infrastructure for inter and intra-agency data exchange. This involves the development of GCDIS interoperable inventory, search, browse, and order capabilities with key Agency databases for use by the GCRP

Research Description:
This program follows work performed in FY 93 and 94 with CIESIN and the EPA's ongoing information infrastructure development for geographic initiatives, research, and public access to environmental data. Specifically, the program includes development of a catalog system which is interoperable with GCDIS, connectivity over the Internet, a relational database containing extractions from key EPA data systems (Envirofacts), and GIS connectivity to the database (Gateway). The program represents a long term EPA commitment to environmental data integration and access.

Program Interfaces:
This program enables EPA to provide data from its focused program as well as data collected for other regulatory and scientific purposes to other agencies within the GCRP, the scientific community, the states, and the international community. Data on pollutant sources and sinks, emissions factors and inventories, ecological monitoring and assessments, effect of pollutants on human and ecological health, and other existing data will be critical to developing integrated GCRP assessments in both the short and long term.

Program Milestones:
Information Management, 1991-1995 Milestones: Global Change and Information System (GCDIS) initiated, Global change master directory becomes operational; 1996-2000 Milestones: Researcher access to existing socio-economic data bases established, Global Change and Information System (GCDIS) expanded, and Satellite/in situ data integration supported.

Policy Payoffs:
Contributes to the 1995 and subsequent IPCC Assessments as well as contributing to answering GCRP questions related to human and natural forcing factors, ecological change and biodiversity, human dimensions interactions, and comprehensive assessments.