PROGRAM TITLE:  	Improved Response Models
SCIENCE ELEMENT:  	Ecological Systems and Dynamics

Cooperative State Research Service

SCIENTIFIC MERIT:  To address fundamental studies of physiological and  
ecological responses of plants and animals to global changes, including 
climate, atmospheric gas concentrations, and increased UV-B radiation levels 
in order to provide knowledge necessary for understanding how basic life 
processes may be affected by environmental changes.
In order to be able to model plant and animal responses to 
changing environments relevant environmental parameters which alter 
response and mechanisms which permit adaptation must be understood.  
Therefore, a core of information will be sought in the areas of: response to 
relevant environmental parameters; identification of mechanisms which 
either permit adaptation or take advantage of possibly adverse conditions; the 
role of plants and animals in the short carbon cycle; and the impact of 
environmental responses on interactions of organisms.  Research will derive 
from individual scientist-initiated studies and from multidisciplinary 
STAKEHOLDERS:  This competitive grants program benefits a wide diversity 
from the research community to the general public by adding to our 
understanding of fundamental relationships of plants and animals to 
environmental parameters.  Much of the research will be of interest world-
POLICY RELEVANCE:  With an improved understanding of plant and 
animal responses to changing environmental conditions it will be possible to 
make appropriate policy decisions.  The research funded in this program 
relates to climate change, ozone, UV-B radiation, biodiversity,├Őforests, and 
PROGRAM CONTACT:  Boyd W. Post, Ag Box 2210, Washington, DC 20250-
2210 Telephone:(202)401-5016    Fax:(202)401-1706