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What has been the progress to date?
In September 1994, USIJI distributed guidelines for preparing USIJI proposals. In October 1994, the USIJI began accepting proposals for consideration. The first round of evaluations culminated in February 1995 with 7 accepted projects representing $40 million in private investments. 

Since that time, ten additional rounds of project evaluation have been completed. The USIJI portfolio of accepted projects is now comprised of forty projects from 19 countries on four continents. These projects encompass a broad spectrum of technologies and practices ranging from sustainable land management to improvements in the efficiency of energy generation and use. 

Click here to view the USIJI Project Fact Sheet

USIJI and its sponsoring agencies have obtained joint Statements of Intent on JI with several countries. One such statement was signed by Vice President Al Gore and Costa Rica President Jose Maria Figueres on September 30, 1994. Another Statement of Intent on JI between the United States and Bolivia was signed on October 31, 1995.

In a little under four years, USIJI has become the most developed JI pilot program worldwide. Its international activities have positively influenced international understanding of JI and its broad acceptance by Parties to the FCCC. USIJI will continue to announce additional solicitations and contribute to the international understanding of joint implementation. 

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