GHGT-4, Interlaken, Switzerland
August 30 - September 2, 199

This conference continues the tradition established with the ICCDR Conference Series. The First International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Removal (ICCDR-1) was held in March 1992 in Amsterdam and represented the first major gathering of researchers in the field of CO2, capture, disposal, and utilisation. Two years later, in October 1994, ICCDR-2 was held in Kyoto. ICCDR-3 was held at MIT in Cambridge, USA in September 1996. The scope of this conference series has been expanded to include all greenhouse gases, by the incorporation of the IEA Greenhouse Gases, Mitigation Options Conference held in London in 1995. This is reflected in the change of the name of the conference. Invited speakers will introduce each session and discuss related topics in the field of global change.

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